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Afterschool Care up to 6pm:

We work to create a loving and caring ‘home away from home’ environment where your child can relax and feel comfortable after their busy day at school. We provide an afternoon snack for each child and after this children have time to unwind and receive help and supervision with their home-work if they or their parents choose. We dedicate half an hour a day to homework and then, play and having fun with friends is the priority. We involve the child in planning the activities they would like to do weekly. Some of these activities include: baking, board games, arts and crafts, make believe, invention, dance and music, sports and creative play. The children are divided into 2 groups of 12, Junior and Senior Afterschool, with a ratio of 1 adult to 12 children. We also have a Team Leader on hand to float between the rooms, assisting children and staff throughout the day.

If you wish to avail of any of our services, please fill in the Contact Us form, or email us at, or call Lynnette on 01-8320521